Exercise as it should be! Outside, challenging, but most of all, fun! Get fit quickly and stay fit!

Richie Barrow

After a big holiday with no exercise, I thought I should get back into it. I was referred to AMF from a friend so I thought I’d give it a shot. It was just what I needed – outdoor fitness which targeted all muscles and the trainer was a great motivator. Definitely will be back and highly recommend for all fitness levels

Rochelle Eyles

Loving our group sessions at work at the end of the day! It is great that every session is different and Jason is always keeping an eye on everyone and helping us focus on form and technique while building our strength and stamina!! Great way to get and stay fit!!!

Sarah Atherton

AMF is the one! I have been to numerous gyms for years and only really enjoyed the classes as I struggle with personal motivation. Aus Mil Fit has shown me exactly what I want and enjoy.  Jason is made for this and is a great motivator and a mindful trainer that adapts the training to your abilities. He knows how to get the best out of a group and we all progress together. Our group is very lucky to have him and we always look forward to our twice a week AMF training.

Iona McGuiness

Awesome classes with new workouts I would never have done by myself at a gym. Keeps it interesting every time. Very much recommend for anyone looking for extra motivation!

Steve McGuiness

Jason is an energetic and engaging personal trainer who provides enthusiastic one on one personal training that is designed specifically for my fitness goals. He is super encouraging during these sessions and provides assistance any time during the day or night with nutrition, fitness or general advice that help me stay on track and hit my goals. He really takes pride in his work!

Sarah Feeney